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Many of us invest a lot of money on exfoliating scrubs, washes and other common skin products. Often times we are underwhelmed by their effectiveness. Many of us would like softer, brighter skin. Those of us with acne want to minimize pores and experience less break outs. Some people are bothered by blackheads and other types of blemishes. Chemical peels are effective in treating these problems in addition to helping treat rosacea, a type of adult acne. If any of these problems are a concern of yours, a superficial chemical peels is a very effective, very safe and cost efficient way to help you achieve your goals.

A chemical peel is a product that is applied to the skin for a short period of time that results in a vigorous cleansing of the skin. The superficial chemical peel results in a layer of old skin being washed away. Some chemical peels, like a salicylic acid peel are very effective at washing away oils and helping to reduce acne.

Superficial chemical peels are made out of a combination of natural products including citrus fruits, almonds, milk and sugar cane.

What can I expect when I get a chemical peel?

You will first have your skin cleaned and degreased. Once this is completed, the esthetician will apply the chemical peel to your face in a quiet, relaxed environment. The peel will stay on your face for a short time while the esthetician monitors the progress. You may feel a pleasant warm and ‘tingling’ sensation. After this, the peel will be removed. You will immediately notice your skin feeling much smoother and brighter. You will also notice some mild flaking of the skin (hence the word peel) for up to a week after the procedure.

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