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Small facial cysts and moles can be a lifelong bother for many people. Fortunately, Dr James P. Bonaparte has the skill and expertise necessary to safely evaluate and provide mole removal services in Ottawa.

Is Cyst or Mole Removal Right for Me?

Any cyst or mole should first be properly evaluated by a physician to ensure there are no worrisome signs prior to removal. If Dr James P. Bonaparte feels as though there are no concerning features he can safely remove any lesion.

What is involved in a Cyst or Mole Removal?

Typically, moles can be removed with next to no scarring. Dr James P. Bonaparte uses a special device that utilizes radiofrequency waves that melts the mole down to skin level. Often times the mole is still present but it is not flush with the normal skin. This procedure renders the mole nearly invisible. There is minimal pain with this type of mole removal.

For other cysts, a small incision may be required. Dr James P. Bonaparte utilizes advanced facial plastic and reconstructive techniques for all mole removal procedures in Ottawa.

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