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Perhaps of all the areas on the face, the ear is the most neglected. The subtle contours and shapes require a keen awareness of three dimensions as well as an understanding of aesthetic balance.

As a trained ENT Surgeon, Dr James P. Bonaparte performs a wide variety of ear surgeries in both adults and children.

Is Earlobe or Ear Repair Right for Me?

If you have broken or separated earlobes from an ear piercing, a prior cancer lesion, or any other concern related to the ear we encourage you to contact Dr James P. Bonaparte and discuss your options with him.

What is involved in an Ear Repair or Earlobe Surgery?

Typically, these are performed under local anesthesia. Often small incisions are made in the skin depending on the type of repair required. There will commonly be scars however Dr James P. Bonaparte will utilize advanced facial plastic and reconstructive procedures to position the scars so they will have the least impact on appearance as possible.

There is minimal downtime with earlobe surgery. Patients often return to their normal activities within 1 to 2 days. In many situations, patients return the same day.

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