Rhinoplasty in Ottawa

The nose is one of the most prominent parts of the face, so it is somewhat unsurprising that many people have concerns about its appearance. Dr Bonaparte and his team at The Ottawa Derm Centre can attest to that fact, as rhinoplasty procedures are among the most common requests they receive from patients.

And while surgery is also commonly used to correct congenital structural defects and disorders resulting from trauma, most elective surgery stems from a patient's worries about the nose's shape, size, symmetry or function. Dr James P. Bonaparte has the training, experience and expertise to restructure and reshape the nose beautifully, having performed both the simplest and the most complex types of rhinoplasty in Ottawa for many years.

Male Rhinoplasty

If you are a male and are interested in a getting some rhinoplasty done in Ottawa, you've come to the right place. Dr James P. Bonaparte understands how to achieve the results you require while maintaining your face’s natural look. As a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon that understands the complexity of the male form, you can be confident that Dr. Bonaparte's team at The Ottawa Derm Centre will perform the kind of facial surgery that will improve both the form and function of your nose.

Female Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty for females is one of Dr James P. Bonaparte's Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery specialties. After a consultation that helps to define your goals, Dr. Bonaparte's aim will be to craft the subtle and intricate features that are important to you. His surgical expertise is second-to-none, as he is the type of plastic surgeon that deeply understands the aesthetic complexity of the female form. If you're in need a a plastic surgeon in Ottawa, he's the one you should consult.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Not all plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery patients are lucky enough to have access to the type of top-tier plastic surgeons we have here in Ottawa. If you happen to be one of those that have had a bad rhinoplasty (nose job) experience in the past, one that's left you unhappy, the experts at The Ottawa Derm Centre can help. Dr James P. Bonaparte will provide you with realistic advice that is honest, safe and effective, getting you the results you need revision rhinoplasty. Improve your nose today!

Injection Rhinoplasty

For those who would like to see a subtle change to their nose to improve their appearance but are not interested in undergoing a facial surgery, an injection rhinoplasty might be the best option. An injection rhinoplasty involves the relatively painless injection of dermal fillers into different areas of the nose, offering patients the benefits of a new look without the worries associated with traditional surgeries, such as bleeding, swelling or recovery time. You might the injection rhinoplasty a "non-surgical" or "lunchtime nose job" due to the speed of the procedure. It also offers the benefit of a quick and easy recovery.

Nasal Fracture Repair

A rhinoplasty is not only about form - it can also be about function. Up to 50% of all facial fractures involve the nose, so it stands to reason that after certain traumas or accidents, a rhinoplasty is a very common occurrence. Undertaken not just to restore the symmetry of the nose on the face, but also to improve a person's ability to breathe and sleep comfortably, nasal fracture repair is one something we are very familiar with at The Ottawa Derm Centre. In fact, in some circumstances the cost of this procedure is covered by the Ontario Health Care plan, so be sure to discuss your particular situation with Dr James P. Bonaparte to get a better idea.

Digital Imaging For Rhinoplasty

Dr. James P. Bonaparte is one of the best Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Ottawa, but he and his team offer more than just top-notch surgical procedures for their patients - they also offer best-in-class technology too! Dr Bonaparte and the team at The Ottawa Derm Centre provides all of their rhinoplasty patients with computerized digital imaging services, which allows patients the ability to gain a greater degree of control over the end product. Computerized digital imaging involves having professional photographs taken of your face and nose in order to help you preview and make adjustments to your new nose before your surgery.


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