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Have you ever wanted fuller lips? Are you afraid they will look fake or may not turn out how you wanted them?

If the answer is yes to both, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Dr. James P. Bonaparte is one of Ottawa’s experts in the field, having received several awards and recognitions. He recommends that you discuss your concerns and expectations about lip augmentation or lip injections with him and the cosmetic nurse on staff. When it comes to lip injections, Ottawa residents can rest easy with Dr. Bonaparte in their corner.

Most procedures involve working on the vermillion border, which is located on the top lip, or the mucosa, which is on the inside of the mouth. There are methods available to safely achieve your goals. For example, dermal fillers are commonly used to enhance your lip volume. Botox is another solution if you want to remove wrinkles and make your thin lips plumper.

We’ve prepared some common questions to provide you with some insight into how these lip procedures work.

Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

Yes. In Canada, there is only one type of dermal filler that has been approved, one made from hyaluronic acid.

Why Use Hyaluronic Acid in Lip Injections?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the main molecule present in skin moisture. Skin clinics in Ottawa use it because it’s a safe substance that attracts water, so your skin will remain hydrated after the procedure. HA does not result in adverse reactions in the vast majority of people.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

People are often concerned that their dermal fillers are only temporary, lasting on average between six months to two years. However, far from a concern, Dr. Bonaparte sees this as a benefit.

In the past, however, many dermal fillers were permanent, which led to other problems. If there was a complication, or if the end result was not cosmetically pleasing, treatments and fixes were limited in scope. Dr. Bonaparte is considered to be an expert in treating many of the complications associated with fillers that are no longer used in Canada, and patient safety is always paramount.

What is Involved in Lip Augmentation?

After meeting with Dr. Bonaparte and the cosmetic nurse, you will decide on your treatment plan. If you choose to undergo treatment, we will apply a special anesthetic cream to your lips. This will significantly reduce the discomfort involved in the procedure. We will then inject dermal filler into your lips.

After Ottawa lip injections, patients are very happy with the results and often leave with some minor bruising. In some cases, swelling can occur on the second or third day after the injection. This is a normal response, but we always want to hear from patients.

People are typically concerned that they received too much filler at this point, however we often point out that this is nothing to worry about since it’s swelling and expected. The lip will return to the way it was after the lip augmentation. Every procedure requires some recovery time for the body to adjust.

Botox in Ottawa Clinics

Botox is a common and safe lip augmentation treatment that relaxes facial muscles, which gives the face a youthful look. Filler, on the other hand, adds volume to either improve upon your current lip shape or modify it.

With Botox, Ottawa residents have a less expensive option than filler, although both are less expensive than facelifts. After having an Ottawa Botox treatment, patients will experience some side effects, such as numbness, minor bruising, swelling, and tenderness. It’s essential to remember that because everyone is different, results may vary.

Why Should I Meet with Both Dr. Bonaparte and the Cosmetic Nurse?

When you’re thinking of making a big investment, you want to make sure you have spoken with as many experts as possible. With injections or lip augmentation, it’s a procedure that will be performed on your body, so you’ll want to know everything about the process.

Speaking with Dr. Bonaparte and the cosmetic nurse guarantees that all of your questions will be answered, and you will have a better idea of what to expect, including the end results and possible side effects. Additionally, many people have come to our Ottawa clinic asking us to do a facelift when Botox or fillers would be the optimal procedure for them. When it comes to skin clinics, Ottawa is lucky to have such a professional and experienced team.

Dr. Bonaparte has a thorough understanding of surgical and non-surgical options, so he can inform you of risks, benefits, and drawbacks for the procedures available at the clinic. His staff of nurses work more closely with patients and will provide you with general perspectives and results after patients undergo lip injections, fillers, and Botox.

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