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Dr James P. Bonaparte has two primary philosophies when it comes to surgery. The first is a patient centered approach to cosmetic and facial plastic surgery. This means a focus on clear communication between the patient and the doctor. Without proper communication, no trust is formed and a thorough understanding of your concern is not achieved. Dr James P. Bonaparte’s second philosophy is that less is more. No one wants an unnatural look. Dr James P. Bonaparte believes that patients, clients and staff should all work together in order to achieve a dramatic, yet natural looking rejuvenation of the face. He also guarantees to help you through the entire process, regardless of your method of facial rejuvenation. In fact, Dr James P. Bonaparte will tell all his patients, “If there is a problem or a concern, I want to know.” He will never abandon a patient and will be with you until you are completely happy with your end result.

When considering surgery, Dr James P. Bonaparte believes that his job is to bring your natural beauty to the surface, not to create something that isn’t there. Our clinic believes that if performed skillfully, carefully and artfully we have the ability to bring forth the natural look you are hoping to achieve.

A Patient Centered Approach

A Patient Centered Approach – In the past, the doctor was always in charge and dictated what should be done. Dr Bonaparte feels this approach is as dated as neon t-shirts (unless that is now back in style). He prides himself on a personalized, patient centered approach. Together, both you and Dr Bonaparte will discuss options and techniques that are available to manage whatever concern you may have. It is your face and your investment, Dr Bonaparte respects this and wants to ensure your feelings, opinions and expectations are part of the process in achieving your goals of facial rejuvenation.

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