Treatment for Red or Brown Spots on Your Face & Neck in Ottawa, Ontario | Dr. Bonaparte
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There are numerous treatments available for red and brown spots on your face and neck. It is recommended that any spot on your skin be assessed by your primary care physician or an expert in skin disorders of the head and neck. Although there are numerous causes of these spots, Dr Bonaparte has the expertise to help diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate treatment and investigations. When the brown spots or the red spots on your face do not pose a health risk, there are numerous treatments available. Some of the treatments treat the brown or red spots on your face with lasers, some with radio-frequency treatments, and some with cream-based treatments. The most common treatment options for red and brown spots used by the top and most experienced facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons are listed below. Contact Dr. Bonaparte and JB Cosmetics and Facial Surgery at the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Center of Ottawa to schedule a consultation to see what treatment is best for you.

Treatments for Red or Brown Spots on Your Face and Neck:

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