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At JB Cosmetics and Facial Surgery, Dr James P. Bonaparte believes that clear communication is the key to best results. Oftentimes, putting your ideas and concerns into words can be difficult. A photograph, therefore, is the most effective means to communicate.

Dr James P. Bonaparte has a long history of photography and art and he continues to use his photographic skills to document pre-treatment and post-treatment results. When you come to the clinic for a consult, Dr James P. Bonaparte has the ability to take professional-grade photographs and discuss the changes you would like to make to your appearance. Together, you can then sit down and actually make these changes to your face on a computer. Most often, this is used to change the shape of your nose or other facial features to ensure that both you and Dr James P. Bonaparte share a common goal.

Book a consultation with Dr James P. Bonaparte of JB Cosmetics and Facial Surgery at the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa to see if Digital Surgery imaging is right for you.

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