Creams, Lotions and Chemical Peels – Advice on How to Improve Your Skin from one of Ottawa’s Leading Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

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Many people think getting big results in the world of facial plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation takes time and money. This is not always the case. In some situations, less is more. I often tell patients at my plastic surgery clinic in Ottawa that they’ll be shocked and surprised at how effective simple treatments for the skin can be.

One of the most common reasons people visit our cosmetic surgery clinic in Ottawa is to ask, “How can I improve my skin to look refreshed?” People often expect us to provide a long list of complicated, expensive and invasive treatments. They are surprised when they hear how simple it really is.

At JB Cosmetics, we have developed treatments for all skin types. Using a combination of skin cream, medical grade skin care, and chemical peels, we can provide a significant improvement to your skin quality and tone.

Below, I will discuss some common concerns and address them with typical treatment programs. Please be advised, all our programs are tailored to the patient. Although these are guidelines, every patient is different.

The Skin Assessment
All patients with concerns about their skin get a free VISIA Complexion Analysis performed at our facial cosmetic surgery clinic in Ottawa. This is advanced technology that looks at all layers of the skin, providing information on age related changes, pigmentation, acne bacteria and sun damage. This and the expert assessment by our team will help determine the best treatment for your skin. Please see the image below.

Skin Scan

Patients with mild to moderate acne who do not require the care of a dermatologist can get excellent results with a combination of medical grade skin care products, chemical peels and Retinol-based skin lotions. Dr Bonaparte utilizes published guidelines by the Canadian Medical Association and stays up to date on the latest treatment for acne. If you have concerns, we are always happy to provide advice.

Brown Pigment/Age Spots
Another common concern is discoloration of the skin. Many people develop this with age and sun exposure. We have developed a unique treatment program that has three distinct phases. In the first, we utilize medical grade skin care products to prepare your skin for a light treatment (IPL). Once your skin is conditioned, we believe the IPL treatment is much more effective, both in terms of cost and visible changes. After the IPL treatment, we keep you on a maintained program consisting of medical grade products and sunscreens. Remember, the key to keeping your skin youthful is to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging UV radiation.

Red and Inflamed Skin
Redness of the skin is often associated with either acne or rosacea. Our medical team has developed an effective treatment to improve redness and get your skin looking its best. Similar to other treatments, we start using medical grade skincare products to reduce the inflammation of the skin. This alone can improve the redness. Once we get the inflammation under control, IPL treatments can have a significant effect on your skin. Together, we can achieve dramatic results.

Dry and Damaged Skin
Some people simply want to have their skin look brighter and refreshed. For this, we recommend medical grade skin care and treatments like mild chemical peels. These can have significant effects with little or no downtime. You will feel clean, refreshed and your skin will look clear and bright.

Although this only touches the surface of what we offer, I hope it provides you with a summary of some problems as our treatment principles. Call us anytime to schedule your VISIA skin assessment and consultation with one of Ottawa’s leading plastic surgeons and estheticians at JB Cosmetics.

Dr Bonaparte, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
Head and Neck Surgery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada