Amazing Benefits of Functional Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is ideal for individuals who require nasal septum reshaping. Also, it benefits patients suffering from nasal obstruction. Like any other surgical process, you should consult an experienced and qualified facial plastic surgeon. Luckily, Dr. James Bonaparte, MD, has the experience, expertise, and training to conduct nasal surgery, both functional and cosmetic. When you contact Dr. James Bonaparte, he will assess your case and devise a plan to meet your desired surgical goal.

What is Functional Rhinoplasty?

Functional rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that corrects the structural issues of the nose to augment its functionality and appearance. These structural issues may include nasal valve collapse, deviated septum, or other factors hindering airflow and leading to breathing difficulties. While the primary benefits of functional rhinoplasty are improved breathing and appearance, there are many other advantages as well.

Creating a More Balanced Look

Does your nose appear too small or large compared to your other facial features? You can create a more harmonious and balanced facial appearance through functional rhinoplasty. Since these procedure entails correcting the nasal structure, you can eliminate the asymmetry or crookedness that might be present. This will create a balanced facial look and enhance breathing.

Improved Sleep

Several benefits come with better sleep. Enhanced productivity, reduced stress, improved concentration, and regulated blood sugar are some of the benefits of quality sleep. However, breathing difficulties can prevent you from having a good sleep. Luckily, you can enhance airflow through the nose and correct breathing issues by improving the nasal structure through functional rhinoplasty, leading to an improvement in your quality of life.

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Confidence

Unfortunately, people are often insecure regarding their facial appearance. If your nose is crooked, small, or has an undesirable bump, functional rhinoplasty can help correct the deformity. This will enhance facial anatomy for functional and cosmetic reasons. Also, it will augment your skin quality by eradicating wrinkles and sagging around the nose. When you combine this technique with cosmetic surgery procedures, you can further enhance facial symmetry.

Enhanced Breathing

The nose is a crucial part of the respiratory system, enabling us to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Patients with flattened noses caused by accidents or with small nostrils and deviated septums may have breathing difficulties. This can restrict their ability to engage in several activities or reduce their productivity. Functional rhinoplasty can address the nostrils, internal structures, and nasal framework, improving air intake significantly.

Eradicate Sinus Problems

Sinus issues occur when empty spaces behind your cheekbones, forehead, and nose become blocked. This causes a build-up in pressure, which can be debilitating and painful. Bacteria can clog these spaces in extreme cases, resulting in severe sinus infections. You can reduce and eliminate sinus problems by manipulating the nasal septum through rhinoplasty.

Results That Last

Functional rhinoplasty can have many positive effects on your emotional and physical health. Nose procedures are meant to last, but you shouldn’t trust anyone with this surgery– finding the right doctor the first time can save you from a revision rhinoplasty in the future. If you want a rhinoplasty surgeon you can count on, schedule an appointment with Dr. James Bonaparte, MD.