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Dr James P. Bonaparte believes that communication is key to successful decision-making and planning. Sometimes a picture is better than words, that is why Dr James P. Bonaparte believes that digital imaging is a necessity for many procedures.

Digital Imaging involves taking a high-definition photograph of an individual’s face. Using this image, subtle changes are made using computer programs to achieve the desired results. These changes are then evaluated by both the client and Dr James P. Bonaparte. This serves as a crucial guide to help discuss the desired changes.

Ask Dr James P. Bonaparte and his staff if Digital Imaging is right for you.

Dr. Bonaparte is by far the best doctor I have dealt with. He is personable, friendly, patient, and generous with his time. I had a septorhinoplasty performed by him earlier in the year and am ecstatic with how I am healing thus far. It was a real life-changer - for the good.

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