5 Common Earlobe Repair Questions

November 18, 2021
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December 15, 2021
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Earlobe Repair

There are various reasons someone may want to undergo earlobe repair surgery. Perhaps the earlobes have started sagging or thinning out over the years. They could have been split, ripped open, or gauged for cosmetic purposes. Earlobe repair surgery will repair signs of damage or trauma to improve facial structure with little to no downtime.

How Are Earlobes Repaired?

Earlobes can be repaired through a simple in-office procedure. Utilizing a local anesthetic, the doctor will make a small incision to remove any damaged tissue from the ear. A straight line of sutures to the front and back of the ear will make the cosmetic correction. Sutures are removed after seven to ten days.

In the case of earlobe reduction surgery, a droopy earlobe is corrected by cutting a portion of the earlobe out. The remaining piece is then reattached to the head.

How Long Will It Take My Earlobe to Heal?

This procedure is considered minor and causes little discomfort after. If there are no complications, there should be no downtime after surgery. Once the anesthetic wears off, the patient may experience some tenderness.

However, swelling and bruising occur for several weeks following. Avoid sleeping or having pressure on the earlobe for a minimum of seven days. Patients should wait at least three months before attempting to wear earrings or re-pierce their ears.

How Much Does Earlobe Repair Cost?

Surgery can cost anywhere between $500-$2,000, depending on several factors.

  • The extent of the repair being performed
  • Location of the facility
  • The surgeon

Insurance can assist with the cost of the procedure if correcting an injury or disfigurement. Insurance companies will vary.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Ideal candidates for earlobe repair are men, women, or children over five years old with elongated or torn earlobes who want repair. Those who previously had gauges inserted in their earlobes and would like to restore their ears to natural form may request this procedure. If the patient is predisposed to keloid scarring, earlobe repair surgery may not be a reasonable option.

What Aftercare is Necessary?

Because the procedure is simple, pain medication is usually not required after completion. The patient may experience slight aching in the earlobe, which subsides after approximately 24 hours. The surgeon prescribes an antibiotic ointment to place on the site of the stitches. Stitches are then removed within seven to ten days following the surgery. Patients are discouraged from using a hairdryer so as not to burn the affected earlobes.

Is Earlobe Repair Surgery Right for You?

If you have experienced any trauma or damage to your earlobes and would like to discuss your options, contact the office of Dr. James P. Bonaparte. Dr. Bonaparte is an award-winning Face and Neck Surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery. Our team at JB Cosmetics & Facial Surgery is your Ottawa cosmetic surgery solution.