Facelift Surgery in Ottawa

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of Facial rejuvenation surgery, a Facelift in Ottawa is a much more subtle procedure than people expect. As an individual ages, there is a loss of elasticity in the skin and a loss of volume in certain areas of the face. Due to these changes, people notice the common signs of facial aging, deep folds, jowls and skin that seems to drop with gravity. A facelift is designed to address these changes without giving the Windblown look that often occurs when performed using less modern Facelift Surgery techniques.

Modern surgeons perform Facelift Surgery very differently than those trained in the past. Rather than simply focusing on tightening the skin, modern surgeons utilize a technique called a SMAS Facelift which relies on lifting the tissue responsible for the signs of facial aging. When using this method, a facelift relies on reposition tissue and muscles under the skin that has moved over time. Movement of this tissue results in facial anatomy that is more balanced, natural and youthful . This provides the best outcome possible without looking as though you had surgery. You look refreshed, youthful and rejuvenated.

Is a Facelift Right for me?

Any surgical procedure requires planning, research and a personalized team approach by both the patient and the surgeon. The most important first question is whether a facelift is the best option for you. During your private consultation, Dr Bonaparte will discuss all options with you and help you choose the safest most effective option for your needs. Many other options exist and from time to time a surgical procedure is not the best option. Together, you can decide what option is best to achieve your goals.

Commonly, people also have a Neck Lift as well as a Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) the same time as the Facelift in order to minimize total downtime and recovery. In addition to this, patients may also consider dermal fillers to achieve a full face rejuvenation.

Planning Your Facelift Surgery

The thought of any surgical procedure can cause stress and anxiety in even the bravest individual. In fact, it is completely normal to feel this way. Dr Bonaparte and his staff pride themselves in care and understanding during this time. You will have access to Dr Bonaparte 24 hours a day via email as well as receive calls from him and his staff over the course of healing to ensure your questions are answered.

Dr Bonaparte will spend a significant amount of time discussing the types of Face Lift Surgery. In most situations people benefit from a Mini-facelift. Although the word mini has connotations that may mean small, by no means is a min-Face Lift a less powerful procedure than other types of Face Lift Surgery. The key is knowing who will benefit from this particular procedure.
In some individuals, a short scar Facelift is more appropriate. This procedure is excellent at addressing the jowls.
If an individual would benefit the most from a more significant correction, a full Face and Neck Lift is offered. Even with this surgery, Dr Bonaparte attempts to keep the scar as short as possible.

In the end, the most important aspect of surgery is planning, surgical skill and patient care. Dr Bonaparte has the artistic skill, training and technology to perform a wide variety of Facelift procedures for any patient.

What Should I expect after Surgery?

After surgery, people will have a bandage wrap around their neck and face. This helps keep light pressure on the face and helps reduce swelling.

Once the bandage comes off you will see the small, fine incision lines. The incisions differ for men and women. In women, the incision is hidden within the ear creases as well as within the ear. In some situations an incision is required behind the ear. In men, the incision is slightly in front of the ear so as not to pull hair bearing skin into the ear. This incision typically heals to a point to where it is nearly invisible. Fortunately, in cases where an individual’s scar is not completely satisfactory, Dr Bonaparte will offer laser scar treatments to ensure complete patient satisfaction for facelift procedures in Ottawa..


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