Botox and Fillers

The nose is one of the focal points of the face. Many people have concerns about the appearance of their nose. This can include concerns about the shape, size, symmetry or function of your nose. Fortunately, Dr James P. Bonaparte has the training, experience and expertise to perform the simplest to the most complex Rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

[medicom_service style=”services-4″ icon=”fa fa-user-md” header=”Botox” link=”” animation=”no_animation”]Many people look in the mirror and see fine lines or wrinkles around their eyes and on their forehead. Nearly everyone will develop these lines or wrinkles at some point in their life. For those who feel the need to reduce the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles, we are fortunate enough to live in a time where the technology exists where we can do this safely and effectively.[/medicom_service]
[medicom_service style=”services-4″ icon=”fa fa-user-md” header=”Fillers” link=”” animation=”no_animation”]As we age, certain areas of our face start to lose the fullness we associate with a youthful appearance. In addition to this, we start to develop deep lines and wrinkles. People often notice hollowing under their eyes and in their cheeks. They notice deep folds forming on the sides of the nose and mouth. In today’s modern world, treatments exist that can help to reverse these signs of aging. The safety and effectiveness of fillers make them one of the most common products used by the best plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons in Ottawa and Canada.[/medicom_service]